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Supporting Educators During Distance Learning and Beyond

This academic year has been unlike any other. As all 50 states shut down school buildings in response to the pandemic, educators and students were thrust into uncharted territory and K-12 education was completely disrupted. ​Educators have dedicated an incredible amount of time and effort to help millions of students transition to distance learning​, ensuring that they can still be engaged in their education from home.

Communication and collaboration tools have proven to be incredibly useful for distance learning environments. Students are using digital tools such as Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams for project collaboration, live class discussions, peer mentoring, virtual office hours, and online study groups. ​These powerful tools also help students stay connected to their teachers and friends while learning remotely.​ ​By remaining connected to their school life, students can feel more at ease about this major shift in their daily routine.

If you’re concerned about keeping students safe in your digital learning environment as they learn remotely, Gaggle can help.​ O​ur student safety tools keep a close eye on how students are doing as they engage in their education from home, helping districts identify those who may be struggling with being isolated, the dramatic change in their daily routine, or concerns over the pandemic. Gaggle can give you peace of mind knowing that your students’ mental health and safety are being monitored both during and after school hours in the distance learning environment.

Below you’ll find a variety of content to help you address students’ mental health and well-being, discover how to apply for and utilize new educational funding streams designated by the CARES Act, and learn more about how the Gaggle safety solution can create a digital safety net for your school district.

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