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Helping Children Succeed Through Family Engagement

We know that when families are engaged in their children’s learning, students succeed. Yet educators often need support in helping families integrate into local school communities, where they can learn about the education practices and policies that impact their children. The challenge is figuring out the best methods for building these relationships.
The philanthropic foundation Carnegie Corporation of New York has created a free resource center with helpful information on family engagement, including research, a webinar, videos, and essays written by leaders in the field.

Learn from an on-demand webinar about family engagement research and practices.

Download a free copy of a challenge paper prepared by the Global Family Research Project.

Read essays by practitioners representing a broad range of expertise.

• Watch videos featuring successful models of family engagement:

Employers as Education Advocates in New Orleans

In New Orleans, one of the area’s largest employers is taking some of the stress out of its workers lives by helping them figure out the local school system. Through a partnership with the nonprofit EdNavigator, personal education advisors are offering assistance in the workplace and getting results for both employees and their children.

Homework as Tool for Connecting Families, Students, and Teachers

Homework combined with technology can be used to reinforce learning and build relationships between the home and the school. See how this works at a school in New York City where the education nonprofit PowerMyLearning is helping a school improve family engagement and student success.

Teachers Overcome Skepticism to Visit Families at Home

Visit a family in Washington, D.C. and see what happens when teachers meet with families in the living room instead of the classroom. Working with the nonprofit Flamboyan Foundation, educators are undergoing training that helps them overcome skepticism and learn new practices that help them engage with families to help students excel.

Together, these materials represent a call to action toward a bold vision of effective family engagement strategies at the local, state, and national levels. To further the conversation, we invite you to share your ideas with us: [email protected].