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Empowering Educators with Executive Function & ExQ®

We are in an educational crisis due to the current pandemic.  Many schools are delaying fall start dates or going online for the foreseeable future.  Others are looking at hybrid models, and some are even working to create new in-person and socially distanced teaching environments.

During this time confusing time, we may be overlooking one critical component of student success – their Executive Function Skills. These are the set of skills essential for managing time, organizing tasks, and solving problems to achieve goals. In short, strong EF skills allow students to learn HOW to learn.

Traditional classrooms and lessons have built-in cues that support task initiation and sustained attention. By giving kids a schedule to follow, teachers support students’ planning and time management needs. Finally, organizational structures and peer interactions help students to monitor their behaviors and goals.

In this new age, remote learning has proven to be hard as many young brains are not primed for this non-traditional self-guided teaching experience, especially where parental oversight may not be there to help students stay focused and productive.  All of this causes a strain to students’ cognitive flexibility and emotional coping when their self-management skills are not up to par; making learning (especially remote learning!) a challenge.  Teachers too will need support to stay connected with students and care for those who are falling behind BECAUSE of their poor EF.

Now, more than ever, educators are realizing the need for us to prioritize the “hidden curriculum” of Executive Function development.  The power to take action to support the health, well-being, and intellectual development of our students is within the reach of every Middle and High School in the nation right now with ExQ!

ExQ® is a proven solution available for all teaching models that is rooted in more than 20 years of cognitive neuroscience.  ExQ is a cloud-based, patented system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through personalized game-based training.  ExQ offers teaching value for schools including:

  • Immediate, cloud-based implementation (with no software downloads)
  • Easy onboarding with an online teacher portal featuring many useful resources
  • Active, built-in teaching–not passive assignments
  • Student learning through online games, virtual coaching, video journaling, and metacognitive video lessons
  • Individualized feedback for students to provide guidance for future learning
  • Access for teachers to see if students are engaged in real-time
  • Measurable training results with progress data and easy-to-understand reporting

The age of Executive Function training is now!  Advancing effective Executive Function programs, such as ExQ, can only be achieved from a commitment from educational leaders.  We urge you to adopt these evidence-based solutions.  Your students and teachers are waiting!   Contact us today to schedule a meeting with an ExQ team member.

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